Cha-Cha: Huntress always comes here after a specially cha-hard quest! It’s shaka-laxes our cha-bodies!

Cynthia: The service at the Yukumo's hotsprings are free for hunters~. Beberages aren't, though. But it's still very relaxing. Sadly, I can't bring Kuu here.

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  1. askhollowdiscordandpony said: Elder: *Blush red* Nice body.
  2. askblogiskill said: This didn’t show up on my dash. Weird.
  3. alt-click-patt said: Excuse the characters, that’s very nice completely professional art you have there. …Two very nice professional arts. -joke-
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    Arcos: Well… that answers my question. Now to find this place… *pervy smirk* Tyler(Phoenix): WOOHOO FANSERVICE!
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    Crap, now Arcos and Phoenix are gone trying to find this place, perverts. Damn you fanservice!! -Joke, excellent...
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